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Specially designed to cope with, high-current, solenoid point-motors, the YD8044 is our 4-fold solenoid decoder with CDU and Frog Supply.

It presents the following features:

  • Four independent 9.5Amp solenoid outputs
  • Smart, 9400 uF CDU, monitoring charge levels for safe and powerful switching
  • Only 380 mA power consumption during charging
  • Frog polarization through a 2 Amp relay which switches together with the solenoid outputs
  • Very simple basic-setup (base address), by pressing the programming button and switching the desired turnout address
  • No complicated CV settings.
  • Clear-text configuration based upon our new ES-Link technology.
    With our YD9101-Config or YD7100-Command, configuration can be done via built-in web interface. No need for PC-software or Phone/Tablet Apps !
    - or -
    when using the classic Windows PC interface, the YD9100 config-USB-stick as well as our YD6016LN can provide the configuration.
  • Four address to output mappings, each mapping can a free choice address which can switch any and every output
  • Sequential output activation based upon pulse time and CDU charge level.
  • CDU startup delay adjustable to prevent tripping short circuit protection in boosters
  • Very modest power supply requirements. Even for SEEP/Gaugemaster motors a 15V/500mA wall wart is more than enough.
  • Not suitable for motorized point motors. For these motors, use our YD8116. This also counts for MTB point motors.
  • For two-wire solenoid motors, like Kato, adapter YD6940 should be used.

Product Question


By means of it’s powerful CDU the YD8044 can deliver up to 10 Amps to a connected coil.

Category: YD8044

Yes it can. That is, the YD8044 will sequentially switch the assigned turnouts in left to right order as seen in the image below.
Depending on how quickly the CDU will be recharged, the switching will appear more or less simultaneous.

Here Address #1 switches turnout on Out 1 and after that turnout on Out 2.

Category: YD8044

The YD8044 has very modest requirements on it’s power supply.
Due to it’s built-in CDU, the power supply never has to supply the switching coil-current. (which may be as high as 10 Amps)
The CDU charge current tops at a maximum of 350 mA at 19 V input voltage. So a 15 V / 0.5 Amp wall-wart adapter is fully sufficient to supply the YD8044.

Category: YD8044

Yes you can 🙂

Category: YD8044

In certain circumstances, the YD8008/8044/8116 modules can become “bricked”.
That means, they are not accessible anymore after a firmware update, configuration attempt or a settings import.

Usually that shows by not being “seen” anymore in the configuration program and/or no LEDs lighting up anymore.

The procedure to get your module “back to life” is this:
(the example is for the YD8116. For other modules substitute YD8116 with the name of your module)


  1. look for YD8116.exe in the installation folder.
  2. connect the YD9100 to USB, but not yet to the YD8116.
  3. start YD8116.exe with a double-click.
  4. go directly to “ES-PGM” and click on “Update YD8116”.
  5. after a short moment the message “Connect your device in bootloader mode” will appear, do not yet click OK now!
  6. Press and hold the programming button on the YD8116.
  7. plug the YD9100 into the ES-PGM-LINK of the YD8116.
  8. as soon as the red LED lights up, click OK while the programming button is still pressed.
  9. when the green LED starts flashing rapidly, the button can be released.
  10. when updating is complete, click Restore factory settings.


  1. Suchen Sie im Installationsordner nach YD8116.exe.
  2. Verbinden Sie den YD9100 mit USB, aber noch nicht mit dem YD8116.
  3. starten Sie YD8116.exe mit einem Doppelklick.
  4. gehen Sie direkt zu “ES-PGM” und klicken Sie auf “Aktualisiere YD8116”.
  5. nach einem kurzen Moment erscheint die Meldung “Connect your device in bootloader mode”, klicken Sie jetzt noch nicht auf OK!
  6. DrĂĽcken und halten Sie die Programmiertaste am YD8116.
  7. stecken Sie das YD9100 in den ES-PGM-LINK des YD8116.
  8. Sobald die rote LED aufleuchtet, klicken Sie auf OK, während Sie die Programmiertaste gedrückt halten.
  9. Wenn die grĂĽne LED schnell zu blinken beginnt, kann die Taste losgelassen werden.
  10. Wenn die Aktualisierung abgeschlossen ist, klicken Sie auf Werkseinstellung ZurĂĽcksetzen.


  1. zoek in de installatie map naar YD8116.exe.
  2. verbind de YD9100 met USB, maar nog niet met de YD8116.
  3. start YD8116.exe met een dubbelklik.
  4. ga direct naar “ES-PGM” en klik op “Update YD8116”.
  5. na een klein moment verschijnt er de melding “Connect your device in bootloader mode”, nu nog niet op OK klikken!
  6. druk het programmeer knopje op de YD8116 in en houd deze ingedrukt.
  7. steek de YD9100 in de ES-PGM-LINK van de YD8116.
  8. zodra de rode LED brandt, klik op OK terwijl het programmeerknopje nog ingedrukt is.
  9. als de groene LED snel begint te flikkeren, kan het knopje losgelaten worden.
  10. als het updaten klaar is, klik dan op Fabrieksinstellingen terugzetten.
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