Made in Germany, assembled in NL

Experience, over the past 10 years, with manufacturing electronics in the Far East showed that quality control is cumbersome. Even though contracts and agreements with Far East PCB assemblers are common practice, production quality fluctuates usually between 5 and 15% of DOA ( Dead On Arrival ) PCBs. Or, have “hidden” defects like bad soldering, which only show up when the modules are already mounted in/at/under your layout.

To overcome these bad-quality problems, YaMoRC has chosen to let it’s products being manufactured in Germany. YaMoRC has established a unique cooperation with one of the major German model railroad electronics companies. Being within an acceptable traveling distance, it enables YaMoRC to guide the production on-site to ensure flawless production. All products are subject to a test-run-assembly in presence of YaMoRC and verified and appraised on-site. It is that only after this verification process, the series-production continues. Needless to say, that the aforementioned company uses state of the art machinery for SMD and conventional components, as well as high quality, lead-free soldering. Also electronic components are sourced directly from reliable, well known suppliers/resellers in EU and/or USA.

Once the PCBs have been assembled and visually inspected, they are shipped to YaMoRC’s assembly- and test-facility in Apeldoorn, The Netherlands. There is where every (!!) PCB undergoes a comprehensive, fully automated test. Only after successful completion, the PCBs are assembled into their enclosure and are labeled with their respective sticker. Stays only the packaging into eco-friendly, natural, plastic-free, cardboard boxes.

So we proudly carry the quality label: “Made in Germany”, because Quality is Essential!