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Delay reason: The chips used for the DC-DC converters have been declared EOL. That means, the factory did not restart production after the chip-crisis. For us this means a redesign of the PCB and Software.
Please contact your dealer for alternative offers.

Let your Fleischmann, Roco, Märklin, Arnold or DIY turntable being operated fully digitally
Our specialized TurnTable Controller.

It presents:

  • Full Motor control, with acceleration and braking.
  • LocoNet, for feedback in- and output and turnout-command input
  • RailCom detector for the bridge
  • Occupance sensor for the bridge
  • Automatic, configurable polarity switching per entry
  • Three-button manual controls
  • ES-LINK-IN for extra position-sensor modules


  • Input 10-19 V DC 2Amp

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