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Let your Preiser, Noch or Faller people cross your railroad safely
Our specialized Railroad-Crossing Controller.

It presents:

  • 4 Servo outputs, for up to two separate- , or double-track boom-barriers
  • 2 Blinker opposite phase outputs
  • 1 Bell output
  • 2 Pairs of track-contact inputs, for remote operation in analog layouts or without LocoNet
  • LocoNet, for feedback in- and output and turnout-command input
  • Track Sniffer, for turnout-command input. DCC and MM compatible.
  • Up and Down buttons for the boom barriers for manual operation
  • ES-PGM-LINK for easy configuration


  • Input 7-12 V DC 2Amp


In co-operation with Artitec:

Windows Driver: {"text":"","url":""}

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