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The YaMoRC solution for operating RC-Servos.

It presents the following features:

  • 4 Servo connections in standard configuration, each servo has:
    • Analog input for position and/or configuration
    • 4 Digital Inputs for analog/conventional control of up to 4 positions. ( no need of a digital command station !! )
    • Selectable servo travel: 90 or 180 degrees. Supports 90'and 180' servos.
  • Up to 4 Frog polarization relays ( option Adapter YD8290 ) for the 4 Standard Servos
    • Frog polarization by 2 independent relays, both are off while servo moving to prevent short circuits on "difficult" turnouts.
  • up to 12 Servos in total by using option Adapter YD8291
  • Eight independent 2.5Amp MOSFET auxiliary outputs
    • selectable "common-voltage" between 5V or the rectified input voltage.
    • Max 2.5 Amp combined current.
    • Complete aspect configuration like in our YD8116
  • Very simple basic-setup (base address), by pressing the programming button and switching the desired turnout address
  • No complicated CV settings.
  • Clear-text configuration based upon our new ES-Link technology.
    • using the classic Windows PC interface, the YD9100 config-USB-stick
    • as well as our YD6016LN/RB and ...
    • as well our YD7001 and YD7010 Command Stations can provide the configuration
    • All of the 8 outputs are freely configurable from 8x simple on-off to complex and elaborate signals with up to 8 LEDs/lamps.
  • Each defined device (Servo, Signal, Switch, Turnout) can have its own address
  • Devices/Servos can be operated by the new DCCext standard or conventional turnout DCC-commands (throw/close)
  • Not suitable for solenoid point motors. For these motors, use our YD8008/YD8044.
  • The auxiliary outputs are also very suitable for motorized point motors. For two-wire motorized point motors, like Conrad; Hoffmann; Tillig; etc. adapter YD6940 should be used.


EAN-Code: 6091009691614

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