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Delay reason: The chips used for the DC-DC converters have been declared EOL. That means, the factory did not restart production after the chip-crisis. For us this means a redesign of the PCB and Software.
Please contact your dealer for alternative offers.

Note: This product will be canceled completely as the redesign will render a new, fully integrated Command Station

The IO interface-extension for the small DCC command station,

It extends the YD7100`s already impressive features and capabilities by even more interfaces and options.

It presents:

  • Integrated RailCom Global detector, enables a.o. decoder read-out by POM !
  • Switchable Track-Out and Program-Track connections.
    – Program-Track with full RailCom support
    – Program-Track drivable during normal operation
    – Track-Outs turned off during programming.
  • Infra Red remote control sensor, to support a.o. Uhlenbrock Iris and Piko DigiFern
  • LocoNet-T Socket with 1.5 Amps (the maximum current on an average RJ12 connector) of LocoNet power.
  • ES-Link for daisy-chaining even more modules
  • s88N Socket for traditional s88 modules
  • IO-Link for Hight-speed I2C extension modules, also daisy-chained.
EAN-Code: 6091014880805

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