Product Category: Power



The power-house of the YD7x family,

It presents:

  • Universal 3.5 Amp booster.
  • Fully galvanically isolated on all, defacto industry standard inputs:
    – LocoNet – B
    – Roco B-BUS
    – DCC-CDE
    – Track Sniffer
  • Automatic input selection
  • LED indication of currently active input
  • Local GO / STOP button to start/stop the booster, or reset in case of local short circuit
  • Follows input RailCom Cut-Out to it’s output
  • ES-PGM-LINK for easy configuration


  • Input 15-19 V DC
  • Output 3.5 A peak current, 2.75 A continuous.
  • Short circuit protected
  • Automatic short-report over LocoNet, CDE channel or BBus interface.
  • H-Bridge Temperature measurement
  • Track-Current measurement
  • Input- and Track Voltage measurement