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The Configurator Module for all our modules with either ES-PGM-LINK or ES-OUT-LINK interface.

It presents :

  • WiFi/WLAN access-point from our YD9401 module for standalone operation without the need for an external router
  • LAN 100baseT Ethernet port to integrate the configurator in your home network
  • Both WiFi and LAN present a browser based web-interface for configuring the connected modules. No need for Apps or drivers on either PC, Tablet or Phone !!
  • USB interface over virtual COM port with YD-Command for the \\\\”classic\\\\” PC-based configuration software.
  • ES-IN-LINK for direct-connection of our ES-xxx-LINK enabled modules ( xxx = OUT or PGM )
  • ES-OUT-LINK for direct-connection of our ES-IN-LINK enabled modules with USB, but without WiFi/LAN. So also those modules can be configured by web-interface
  • Strong 32-bit ARM processor
Configuration Demo:
EAN-Code: 6091013013082

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