YD7100+YD7101 Set

€n.a.. canceled

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This product has been cancelled. It will be replaced by the integrated YD7110, estimated Mid 2024.

Cancel reason: The chips used for the DC-DC converters have been declared EOL. That means, the factory did not restart production after the chip-crisis. For us this would mean a redesign of the PCB and Software. Demand however is more towards integrated units. Therefore the redesign will be in an integrated version: YD7110, which will have all the features as mentioned here.

Please contact your dealer for the intermediate, alternative offer: YD7001-E.

The ultimate combo for your layout !

YD7100 Command Station + YD7101 Interface Extension, together presenting unparalleled features.

And… also not unimportant, it saves some buck compared to separate purchase.

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