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Our classic s88N feedback module with current sensing inputs

It presents:

  • 16 current-sensing detectors, arranged in two independent blocks of 8, each with their own Common
  • 2 Amp continuous current per detector, 8 Amps in total combined over the 16 detectors on the whole module
  • 5 Amp short duration overload (100ms) capable per detector.
  • 1-1.5mA current sensitivity
  • Capacitive input filter on every input, to suppress noise on long cables and track-sections
  • Configurable on- and off-delay setting for each input for optimal de-bouncing in case of non optimal wheel-track contact
  • ES-OUT-Link for direct connection to an ES-Link-master
  • ES-IN-Link connection to other ES-Link enabled modules for module-configuration
  • Standard s88N connections over RJ45 connectors and ethernet patch cables
  • Firmware updatable and settings configurable over ES-Link
  • Power supply directly from ES-Link or s88 bus

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